Ye Olde Bowling Green Inn Restaurant

Situated in the serene and quiet neighbourhood of Smalldale, Bradwell, our dine-in restaurant is surrounded by precious unspoiled landscape. Hidden away from the main street, our award-winning chef want you to discover what ‘fresh’ and ‘delicious’ food choices are about.

With locally-sourced ingredients, such as Ladybower trout caught from the local reservoir and the free range eggs from the local farm, each dish is lovingly prepared to resonate with an elegant English atmosphere.

Served with passion and a taste of country cuisine, we strive to source the freshest and finest ingredients locally.

With a wide range of local dishes, such as Derbyshire Lamb, Hanging Kebab and Carvery, we also serve the most delicious desserts, such as Mint Chocolate Brownies, always leaving you craving for more.

Our speciality breads are prepared and baked in-house, and our chefs oversee the craft themselves, always believing that food should be simplistic yet sophisticated. Step-in whenever you’re around for a healthy and a wholesome local meal. Ye Olde Bowling Green awaits your arrival!